At Existence Festival, we're all about throwing an epic show that goes beyond the usual. We had a blast in our first year, and now we're gearing up for an even more amazing adventure. Our goal is to create an immersive experience that's not only about great music but also shaking things up in the cultural scene. Existence Festival isn't just a party, it's a way to spark innovation, collaboration and artistic expression like never before
We want to make the music scene in the UK even better. We're doing this by putting together a diverse lineup that celebrates creativity, featuring both new and well-known talent. After our successful first year, we're committed to pushing limits, trying out new sounds and making an atmosphere where every beat gets everyone excited.
Our mission includes bringing in talent from around the world, turning Existence Festival into a global stage. We are excited to introduce the UK audience to the coolest artists out there, making the festival a place that celebrates the universal language of music, while supporting each and every person in the discovery of self and the awareness of the collective consciousness.
We are all about being at the cutting edge of festivals. From inspiring stage designs to immersive tech, Existence Festival is all about making an environment where everyone isn't just watching but actively participating in an unforgettable experience of sound and visuals.

We are big believers in the power of community. Thats why we are creating the time and the space where dancers, artists, organisers, and everyone attending can come together and enjoy the magic of music. Our goal is to build connections that go beyond the festival, creating a network that helps the music scene grow even bigger than it is now.

Join us on this amazing journey! Let the music take over,
forget the boundaries and let the collective energy of the crowd
set the pace for a new era in the UK music scene.
Existence Festival is not just an event;
it's a movement, a celebration of music, culture,
and the endless possibilities of artistic expression.

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